Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Try not to get back trouble

I have completely disloyal knees, but my back is OK…Still, I know a few people with bad backs—like almost everyone over 55.

Jane E. Brody, NYT, June 27, 2011, says it’s better not to hurt your back than to try to fix it later.

I also find that as I gimp around aging, I need to find work-arounds for almost everything—to prevent pain, to prevent injury.

Jane seems to be of that mind, too.

First, she says, posture! Stand up straight. Guilty—I am a slumpy little thing.

When sitting for long periods, put a rolled up towel or small pillow in the small of your back.

Learn to bend from hips and knees, not the waist. For me, this means the knees make a most unpleasant noise and feel like razor blades scraping inside--even stinging.

To tie shoes, sit on a chair and cross one foot at a time over the other knee.

Or get Velcro.

If you need to carry stuff—try to make it equal on each side. (Don’t do the blue-fingered Quasimodo, in other words).

Don’t over-reach—never reach more than you could with both hands reaching out together.

Protect your back when you cough or sneeze. Tighten abdominals, place one hand across your back.

To change the subject—have you heard of planking. Kids lie down in the street, in restaurants, etc. stiff like a plank.

Wait until they really are!

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