Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gut bomb--in more ways than one

Yes, in Europe people are keeling from eating (apparently) sprouts from a health food farm.

I consider all this veggie consumption to be somewhat perverse—many veggies contain substances to gross out bugs. Those work on me, too.

But this doesn’t mean that danger does not lurk in items we deliberately and with great pleasure stuff down our own gullets.

Laura Landro, WSJ, June 14, 2011, says salmonella is still a home kitchen menace. The infamous e.coli is on the decline, but salmonella is galloping along.

Sigh, our good old govt is planning a multimedia blitz on safe food prep. Stand back!

Salmonella can get into everything—meat, veggies, eggs. It can get in an egg before the shell is formed in the hen.

It can get into peanut butter—who cooks that?

The number of people who wash their hands before cooking is going down.

You should use a thermometer for meat. I don’t, do you? Meat should be cooked to 145 degrees (thickest part). Ground meat—160.

Check out for more ideas.

I wipe stuff off the counter—but do I sterilize the sponge?

It's easy to avoid sprouts--but avoid everything?

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Star Lawrence said...

I still drag out the crock pot sometimes--that seems to torture pathogens into submission pretty well. Six hours in hot water--take that.