Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Docs coming around on chronic pain

I know several people with pain—every day and every night of their lives. My knees are not quite there, but I can relate to wanting to avoid pain.

According to a story by Tara Parker-Pope (NYT, July 18,, a pain doctor at Stanford admitted they didn’t really realize what a burden pain is in this society.

More people are in chronic pain than have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. 116 million!

The Institute of Medicine studied this—when the underlying problem goes away, the pain may not.

Yet, people are tired of relatives’ complaints. Doctors think they just want drugs.

I also heard about a drugstore chain of just pain drugs. Assured Pharmacy it’s called. So far it’s in CA, OR, and WA.


My impression is that if the body is in pain for a while, the pain sensors just keep on firing in some people. Kerflooey!

It’s pretty horrible.

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