Friday, July 08, 2011

The eye doc blues

Remember how I need a new eye doc—how the old one let his partner’s teenage son scare me to death that I would be blind? Yeah—that was fun (scroll down). Anyhow, try to find a new doctor…go ahead…this is the most soul-sapping hell I can imagine.

My health plan provider book—useless the second it’s printed.

So I went to the website. I found four ophthalmologists within 25 miles…That can’t be right. This place isn’t that dinky a whistlestop.

I called the plan—phone tree. Another phone tree. Turfed. Deet deet deet—if you’d like to make a call..meaning hung up on.

Called again. Phone tree. Finally I get some gal and ask for the one I had talked to about the guy’s son poking patients in the eye. No way. OK, I explain it all to the new one.

She goes online—“I see about 10 to 40 doctors,” she says. Ten to 40? Isn’t that a big range? I write down what she did.

I do it. I do get a longer list—figure that one out. Wait—almost all are dupes…Every office a doctor has, he is listed as a new doctor in the list. I know most of these people! I detest or fear some of these people.

I go to the American Academy of Ophthalmologists site ( and search. I get two cornea people in Chandler. One may have moved to St Louis—I am trying to find out.

Do I even want him? He looks smart—Chinese maybe? Probably had great grades. No lawsuits.

I guess when I finally can’t see anything to do all this, it will be academic anyway. I am sure when I call I will learn he doesn’t take my insurance. He used to. When I called that number, they said he left that practice.

Apparently there are many more retina specialists than cornea guys and gals. Must pay better.

Oh--that eye chart...I just thought it was cute. Never saw one like it before. Saw--get it? I love eye humor!

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