Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the limber among us

How about a nice Suspension Workout? You can search above on Jukari for one. You are in a hammock like sling, suspended…stop, stop…not I, anyway.

Also look for TRX training. Created by a Navy SEAL. Uh-oh…a training harness…pushups with feet in leg cradles. I don’t know what a leg cradle is—write me if you find out.

How about some water spinning? If you don’t have a place nearby with underwater bikes—try resistance Zumba!

Then there is good old Krag Maga. Israeli martial arts. Learn how to react if taken hostage—seriously.

Strike Zone is another—way advanced kickboxing. Weighted gloves, weighted exercise sticks.

Don’t know about foot cradles. You could ask.

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