Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Freshman 15" not only college health worry

If you are thinking your kid may slap on 15 lbs the first semester in college, yes, it’s possible.

But other concerns loom. The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) has prepared a free download called The Healthy Student: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Teens for the College Years.

Go to www.adolescenthealth.org.

The book also has the vaccinations kids should have—yes, before college!

A college freshman, the author Lawrence Neinstein, MD, wrote, is a high school senior without parents around. Now THERE’S a thought.

Also included: insurance considerations and tips. First aid, the student health center and what it offers, and other useful info. Think binge drinking, drugs, STDs, sexual assault, depression...or don't think that...

Many schools are issuing this as part of the orientation packet.

You might want to get it on your own, though.

Junior is leaving...Aw, relax, most kids pull through.


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Star Lawrence said...

You are most welcome. Come back and visit. I post every weekday.