Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Life in the deep end

I love to swim. When my kid and I lived in DC, we discovered we could join local hotel pools just for the summer. We spent all day each weekend day hanging out for about $500 a summer.

When I was a kid, we went to a three-pool complex called Tree-Court (three pools, trees around, get it?). Anyhow, there was a warmish, a cold, and a mineral. Great hamburgers, too. That smell of Coppertone coconut oil.

Now, according to the NYT (Jesse McKinley, July 6, 2011), many municipal pools are closing for budget reasons.

According to this, Phoenix—where, as you may have heard a million times , it is HOTSIE TOTSIE—used to shutter many pools, but now has fluffed up the pools and they are open.

Pools are only open a few months a year, they require staff, they can excite lawsuits, so officials eye them for closing.

Also—pools can attract kids who might otherwise be creating more mischief. This can keep them corralled, but also puts the troublemakers in one place.

Also, pool officials say, those out of work want the darn pool open!

Yeah, babies!

Last one in...

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