Friday, July 22, 2011

Now chlorine is croaking us

Someone wrote to a columnist in our paper that he put chlorine in his birdbath to keep algae down, but the birds died. Well, don’t do that, you nitwit!

Those birds could be on to something, though. A hunky doc named Matthew Baral, a naturopath pediatrician at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine,, says all the chlorine we heave in the pools may be a bad thing.

Chlorine oxidizes and thus disinfects—but oxidation is bad for the body—anti-oxidants, hello!

Children who swim once a week in a chlorinated pool have the same amount of lung damage as adult smokers, Baral says. Asthma sufferers have it even worse.

Baral recommends a non-chlorine or chlorine-reduced system. Ozone, ionization, salt—all are great alternatives (though spendy).

A normal chlorine pool will have 9 times the chlorine as a salt system.

Baral also recommends some Vit E, C, Selenium and CoQ10—but read up before dosing the family with this stuff.

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