Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stop eating and breathing now

The May 2011 GLAMOUR has some riffs on how women can avoid toxic threats—and of course, men, too, we all are exposed to the same stuff.

Scientists are pretty sure some plastics and substances can interfere with genes and hormones.

Bisphenol, used in plastics, was even developed at first as a synthetic estrogen.

Hormones affect all cells—not just babymaking. Other possible bad actors are phthalates and TBT.

Only 1% of the 80,000 chemicals used in the US has even been safety-tested. Yet, 93% of us has BPA (bisphenol) in our bods (CDC).

The docs have begged the FDA to look at this.

Scientists even wonder if chemicals might be making us fatter. Sure, hamburgers don’t help, but this is a rising problem. There may be obesogens. TBT (used in shower curtains) makes mice create more fat cells.

Ew, chubby mice in the shower. Never mind.

Obesogens can be found in canned food and non-free range meat. Non-free range=expensive.

Chemicals can also affect cell growth—cancer is excessive cell growth. Again this is mice and rats—but yup, bisphenol, more cancer in rodents.

And infertility. Rats exposed to some of these had gene changes leading to abnormal eggs.

We are all slopping around in a dangerous soup.

What about microwaving the Styrofoam container—I always wonder about that.

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