Monday, July 11, 2011

Tell me something I don't know

Jonathan Allen, Reuters, June 21, 2011, says researchers have shown that a child’s whine is one of the most distracting noises on the planet.

They needed researchers for this? Haven’t they ever been to a checkout counter?

Volunteers were asked to do some math problems while wearing headphones. In the headphones were a whiner, a table saw screaming through wood, baby cries, high-pitched mothering babytalk, and silence.

The talk was in an obscure language—only the tone remained.

Errors in doing the math were twice those of the other sounds when the child whined. The volunteers were male and female—had children or were childless—the same…whining threw them off..

Honestly, I think this was a gimme, but I am sure it cost someone some money.

I suppose this has some evolutionary logic to it--such as a way of getting everyone hardwired to keep kids alive and feed them gummybears.

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