Thursday, July 07, 2011

Waiting...and waiting...for the doc

ABC News did a story on The Wait—languishing in the doctor’s office, while regaled with talk of “emergencies” (EVERY time?), and admonitions that other patients are just getting the attention you would want, wouldn’t you?

How come I am never the one getting it, though? Ever! And I am old.

The story featured some gal who billed docs for her waiting time. I was amused. She tries for first thing in the morning. Yeah? At one doc, I always took an 8 am—then learned the doctor did not come in until 9 am!

That same doc had 3-4 hour waits. We told him he needed a better bar (no smile). Also, his staff had to pass out food to swooning diabetics.

This story also featured doctors who passed out money or gifts if people were kept waiting. Yeah, sure, and unicorns are flying out of my butt.

Of course, they also had the familiar soap about the dying patient who needed 1 hour of time—should he/she have been turned away?

No—but how about doing what some pediatricians do—slot time as long, intermediate, short, etc.

How about an apology if the waits are long? Never get those.

The secret is out—the doctor’s time is sacrosanct, people should be stacked up waiting. The patient’s time? Well…

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