Monday, July 25, 2011

What your kid eats is "business"

Butler University points out that lunch is not just lunch—it’s a business. It is the business of school admins, lunch ladies, the government, even (for some reason), the president’s wife—many entities.

What is your role as parent? Some Butler profs studied lunch at five Indianapolis school districts.

The hot lunch is subsidized (the district gets 26% back) by the feds. The Dept of Agriculture dictates the nutritional value.

Some of the foods in it are offered al la carte—separately, for the non-French inclined.

Some schools offer additional snacks, juices, and ice cream. There are often profit-making vending machines.

So ask your kid what is there. Better yet, go and see.

Tell your children you expect them to select different food groups.

You can always “send” lunch. My kid went to parochial school and had to “bring.” Everyone lived.

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Since lunch is a business, you can fully expect cost to enter in. Cost, savings, trying to save…so you as a parent, need to look out for the tots.

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