Thursday, July 21, 2011

When trying to get pregnant, nothing else matters

Ellen Golding, MA, is a Los Angeles psychologist dealing with infertility. Her site is

Almost 12% of American women have impaired fecundity—trouble getting or staying pregnant.

I had the latter—two miscarriages, one live birth—finally!

Yes, it can become an obsession. Golding says this can lead to stress. So think about meditation or yoga.

You can also get depressed. Disappointment comes once a month, waves of it. Maybe talk to a therapist.

Anxiety can take over the rest of the month. Am I or am I not?

Counseling or a support group can help.

Yes, there is medication, too—but you may be pregnant—so tread carefully there.

I do remember this taking over my life. My kid is now 29—a long haul fraught with many ups and downs—in retrospect the getting pregnant part was the easy part.

Does that provide some perspective? Probably not.


Star Lawrence said...

By the way, all those people who will tell you to just relax and you can't--don't worry, nervous people conceive.

Star Lawrence said...