Friday, July 15, 2011

Yicky water

Jane E. Brody, NYT, July 11, 2011, praises swimming—second most popular exercise (walking is first). Swimmers have half the risk of dying as inactive people (presumably meaning dying young).

People also get good ideas while swimming…soothing.

One little problem—you can get a “recreational water illness.”

Always somethin’, isn’t it?

Unseen pollutants can attack your ears, eyes, skin, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and lungs.

Waterborne illnesses. Well, drat.

The vast majority come from sanitized water—meaning pools.

One person with diarrhea can ruin an entire water park. Now THERE is a picture for ya.

Viruses can live in water, both salt and fresh.

Those kiddie pools are a breeding ground. Like a puffy Petri dish.

What can you do besides crawl under the bed—well, wear goggles. Put half alcohol, half water in your ear if it starts to hurt. Don't drink from streams in the woods. Maybe not swim around Manhattan--I don't know...

There is something called swimmer’s itch..microscopic parasit…

Never mind.

Oh, and if you are allergic to bees—jellyfish may also be your enemy.

This is freaking me out.

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