Monday, August 29, 2011

Allergy-sniffing dogs

Man, talk about working dogs. Bomb and drug sniffing, cancer detecting, corpse spotting—and now allergy warning canines.

Stephanie Reitz, AP, writes about dogs trained to ferret out peanut butter and other allergens.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does recognize these pooches as medical service dogs, but some places won’t let them in.

One little girl has a St Bernard in tow to watch for peanut smells—or he has her in tow.

Almost everyday he comes up with something. Once she was in a non-food aisle of the store and he halted—no peanut butter to be seen…Wait, under the shelf—in a mouse trap. Good boy!

Of course, nothing is that simple. Did you think it was? People have brought in dogs and then other people were allergic to dogs!

This has to be worked out on a case- by- case basis.

I wonder--if you offered the dog a peanut butter cracker, would he eat it and then kiss the child? Or just signal and refrain?

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