Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Chomp, chomp

Ever eat a salad and suddenly get jaw lock? Good! Eric Schultz, Reuters, Aug 1, 2011points out that those who chew longer tend to take in fewer calories.

Well, YEAH! Jaw lock hurts!

Typically people chew each bite 15 times—really? I must be like a dog, then.

Recommended—40 times per bite.

Some Chinese scientists did a study of 32 obese young men. Chewing seemed to be linked to the hormones (ghrelin and CCK) that told the body it was full.

Of course—the scientists pointed out—many foods do not require chewing.

I remember a scene in the Bob Newhart Show, where Bob’s character reveals he always chews 100 times. People all swivel around to stare at him—unable to break the habit, he starts chewing incredibly fast to get it over with.

But he was a normal weight guy, so who knows.

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