Monday, August 22, 2011

Come on, guys--don't be flaky

Facelube(tm) is high performance men’s skin care.

And funny. So I am covering it. They sell it at some automotive dealers—how could I not love that?

Most men think shaving is the same as exfoliation and call it a day.

These are washes and moisturizers without saying that.

The inventor, Candace Chen, spent more than 18 years in the automotive parts business. Now she’s a cosmoceuticals gal.

The advertising is heavy on words like gunk and grime—they know their audience.

And it’s not cheap. One product contains caviar.

Think of it as a booster, reads one pitch, that works in conjunction with the fresh new motor oil that went into your car after an engine flush.

Now THAT is marketing.

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