Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Darn climate coming indoors now

The Institute of Medicine at the National Academies of Science in Drama City (DC) put out a report in June on “climate change” and Indoor Environment.

I put “climate change” in quotes not because I am an ignorant right-wing dope but because I cannot for the life of me (literally) decide which direction it’s changing and why.

The Institute concludes, though, that whatever it is, it is affecting indoor quality.

First, there is a lot of harmful stuff already indoors—gas from stoves, stuff from building materials, radon, smoke, and other factors. Bad atmosphere outside can worsen effects inside, basically.

Heat waves can also cause power outages that cause people to burn more fossil fuels.

Extreme weather (caused by climate changes) can lead to dampness and mold inside. Fungi, bacteria…ew.

The hotter things get the more diseases survive to zip around the world.

Of course, extreme hot or cold can kill people.

And then there is the irony—the more weatherization to keep the outside outside, the more ventilation problems inside—see above.

We get up in the morning, why now?

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