Monday, August 15, 2011

Does this creep you out?

Tara Parker-Pope wrote in the NYT June 20, 2011, that those FICO people who snoop around your life to get your credit score nailed down may be turning to indicators that you will not take your prescriptions as dictated.

Yes, three-fourths of people do not follow doctor’s orders about their drugs…one in three never even fills the prescription (could it be the pharmacist whispering, “Did you know this is $180”?).

Others take pills at the wrong time, skip doses, or stop whenever they feel better.

Now these FICO people think they can tell how you will do it. They will base this guess on home ownership, job status, and other accessible info ( not medical info, which requires permission).

These geniuses worked backwards—taking pharmacy benefit manager info on people who did not comply and tracked who “took as directed” and who didn’t.

They say they can correlate between those in a home who would take medicine more reliably or those in a job only a short period of time who might not be able to afford to fill a prescription.

Women, they found, are less likely to follow doctor’s orders. That was interesting.

If someone has a low score, the health plans will pepper them with helpful reminders and calls.

Sigh. Ever wish everyone would stop “helping” so much?

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