Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Healthy food is costly

One for the Big Book of Duh...

A healthy diet is expensive—adding up to $380 a year—well, catch up! It’s the salmon, “lean meats,” organic veggies, and others. This according to a Univ of Washington study.

We are supposed to eat more potassium, fiber, Vit D, and calcium.

Our amusing leaders show is a divided plate of salmon, rice pilaf, leafy assorted greens. Good grief, saffron costs! Salmon? Forget it.

The national nannies also try to help us poor folk. But often they limit things like potatoes that can be purchased on food stamps or WIC. Taters are a source of potassium—so are bananas.

So…try to eat more beans, frozen veggies on sale, peanut butter…You know the drill.

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