Monday, August 08, 2011

Ooo---owwww...backpack disease

Fall is coming, time for the obligatory story on how heavy kids’ backpacks are. I try not to “loop,” but this one seems to bear repeating.

When my kid was small, I remember picking up her backpack—or trying to. It was like it was GLUED to the floor. Good grief! She was carrying this on the Washington subway—it was a wonder she wasn’t a plaid-skirted Quasimodo.

Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell writes about this in the AZ Republic—Aug 3, 2011.

First, she notes, even with slim laptops and tiny devices, these wads are not getting lighter!

A chiro said she thought they were getting heavier. The average is 39 lbs. Two huge bags of kitty litter’s worth.

Yes, little kids are going to chiros over this. One problem is forward head posture—craning forward to offset weight. This decreases lung capacity 30%. The kid can’t get enough oxygen—that's just nifty.

What can be done?

Another chiro said the parent should make sure it’s not more than 10-15% of the kid’s weight. Not more.

Heavier books go close to the spine.

How about book bags that have a strap across the chest? Can also present problems and need to be weeded.

Rolling bags are better, but often are not allowed and don’t fit in lockers.

Well, lockers are good—I learned my kid’s school made the kids take all their books home at night—no lockers. That was heavy, man.

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