Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pills in the bathroom? You silly puppy

Walecia Konrad, NYT, Aug 15, 2011, talks about how to store and handle your pills and meds.

I did a story once on mail order medicine that said sitting in a metal mailbox in the desert, your pills could be hot as pizza in the oven.

Anyhow, Konrad talks about a kid whose allergy medicine was in the car trunk on a summer trip and quit working.

Manufacturers want you to keep pills at 68-77 degrees.

Some antibiotics can break down, decay, attack your liver or kidneys.

Test strips for sugar, pregnancy or ovulation can be ruined by humidity.

Thyroid or birth control with hormones are protein-based and can cook like an egg.

Insulin, seizure meds, anticoagulants…stop, stop, this is everything!

Cold can also be bad. Never let insulin freeze.

Even the bathroom—though cool—may be too humid.

Those foil packs? They protect nothing!

Carry meds on the plane—too cold in baggage.

If pills are crumbled together or changed in color—dump them.

One good idea, though—mailbox pizza.

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