Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sports for tots

Kevin Cirilli, AZ Republic, July 28, 2011, says some kids are being enrolled in organized sports the minute they teeter up on two legs.

Kindergarten can be a late start.

Of course, in the back of parents’ minds—that college scholarship. Some, though, just want the kids to be active.

The kids don’t run laps or wind sprints—they play tag. But they keep score—not everyone is Mommy’s little winner.

Some hospitals are also seeing more tendinitis and strains in growing limbs.

Gold’s Gym even welcomes preschoolers for toddler basketball and baseball. I9 is another company, so is BEST.

One thing, though—early starts can lead to burnout. With kids playing in leagues and year-round, they can get sick and tired of the routine.

Also some people wonder if these franchise holders are really trained as coaches and trainers. Kids are growing, their bodies changing, bone plates shifting.

Parents need to study this.

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