Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What's new in Fluoride these days?

I was always leery of putting a chemical into the water supply for everyone to drink. Just on principle. Except maybe to kill organisms.

Still, fluoridation is credited with almost wiping out the dental profession because it works so well to prevent cavities. Well, not wiping out…but at least shifting focus to whitening, implants, etc.

Now, a Chicago dentist Kevin M. Boehm, DDS, says the mercury in fillings (and old argument still ongoing) and fluoride can lead to increased risk of fractures, birth defects, thyroid problems and other ills.

Our own govt’s HHS has lowered the acceptable amt of fluoride, due to a Natl Academy of Science study showing that excessive fluoridation can lead to problems in kids younger than eight. White stains on the teeth and corrosion of enamel.

He suggests checking with your water company to see how much fluoride you are getting. It it’s more than 2 mg per liter, find another source of drinking water.

Bottled water does not provide this info!

Younger than 2? Do not use toothpaste—plain water and a soft brush.

Supervise brushing until age 6 to prevent swallowing of a lot of toothpaste.

Boehm does not fluoride-coat kids’ teeth. You could bring this up with your own dentist.

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