Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are your devices remodeling you?

Those two in the pix look normal, don't they? Don't be fooled!

Phyllis Korkki, NYT, Sept 10, 2011, says we are turning into crabbed little trolls from all our electronic devices. Our hands are claws, our thumbs becoming huge and scary, giving small children nightmares.

Well, not the last part.

But people are straining their bodies to carry around heavy laptops and type with their thumbs.

Still, I interview via phone—I get the old ones, with a clunky receiver so it will sit in the crook of my neck—eBay, look under Vintage. I hate headphones.

Korkki says laptops are jot ergonomic at all. Place the keyboard in typing position—oops the screen is not in viewing position.

Touch screen are hard and don’t move down like keys. They can hurt fingers.

And our thumbs! They have three bones, not two. They are vulnerable. You can get tenosynovitis—it hurts.

Try to figure out what you are doing that is causing the strain.

Living! That’s what I am doing!

At the moment, I have hard-wooden-chair-butt from not using the desk chair that plunges down.

What a deal.

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