Thursday, September 15, 2011

Care about your care--harder than it sounds

Recently, Laura Landro wrote about a site called Care About Your Care,

Care about your care…hmmm…well, we do, or should, but this is complicated.

I sort of am skeptical of care these days. Out here, we seem to have pretty rushed, non-English speaking, or disappearing doctors that leave the insurance or practice in a twinkling.

So that is hard to care about.

The hospitals are creepy germ boxes with 10-hr waits.

They run tests over and over, so you figure someone is amortizing a machine or something. But if the results are all in one place, on a computer, you figure someone will leverage those against you somehow by denying insurance, making it cost more, or having some nurse call and nag you.

Americans get immunizations only 55% of the time. The shingles vaccine you have to order somehow and get it sent to a fridge at your doctor—devilishly difficult.

Everyone from the president’s wife down tells you to lose weight (you, not her).

Sooo…when you think of the doctor, does Dr Welby come to mind, or a failed surgery or some cluster-you-know what?

The site, Care About Your Care, is amazingly candid: Its tenets are:

Care Varies
More is not better.
It’s a coin toss.
We get what we pay for.
We know what works.
Finding the right fit is key.
And it’s up to you.

Darn, back to that. I care—but I doubt. At least, I am not alone.

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