Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fewer people have insurance, those who do are hosed

I don’t get it. Somehow it’s ducky that “kids” can stay on their parents health policies—couldn’t a healthy 20-yr-old maybe do better on an individual policy—paid by the parent of the child? Sounds like a big gift to the insurance co’s to me.

Also, as many Americans are inching along trying to survive, those with jobs are being whacked with bigger insurance costs, bigger copays, deductibles, coinsurance…on and on.

Up 10% this year—why? Can anyone say why? Because they can? Because they want to have it as high as possible before someone starts looking at it again in 2012?

Personally, on Medicare Advantage, I can’t go because specialists are $35. My insurance is for some big baddie hitting me. I am not even sure it includes a flu shot—after four calls.

Bah! Every time I see an insurance envelope for Mom, for me—I think, “Aw, Jeez, this won’t be good.”

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