Friday, September 02, 2011

Geometry lovers are covered--but did it help you?

I know this is old news—the stab at creating a better federal health pyramid of how to eat.

Ancient Egypt is out metaphor-wise and Baby’s First Plate is in.

Remember—those divided baby plates—so nothing touched?

Well, the thingie is like that.

The problem is—it’s not like a pie—the relative sizes of the spaces are hard to determine.

Dairy is off to the side—apparently a glass of milk or yogurt dessert. Maybe ice-cream? Nah, probably not ice-cream.

The idea, I guess, is to downplay grains (bread and carbs) and play up veggies.

It’s supposed to connect with all ages and languages.

I think if you try to do too much, it falls apart.

Did you go to the website for more info? Did you not hear someplace that it’s good to eat raw fruit and veggies and bad to eat the Fries of the French?

Yeah—that rumor has been going around.

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