Friday, September 30, 2011

Grrr...freaking out

If you read this site now and then, you know I am a total hysteric.

I am not centered. I am not calm. I am not sanguine. I am not even particularly rational.

The only thing left is funny and with some common sense sprinkled in.

My internet connection has been down for 4 hours. Imagine my state.

The first two hours were OK—I breathed deeply. I contacted the phone company—they offered to email me when it came up. Well, if they could frickin’ email me, I would know it was up, wouldn’t I?

Then…I said, OK will do desk work. I did desk work.

More desk work.

Desk work is so weird—there is no typing.

So I wrote this.

I cursed the day electricity was invented. That made me feel a little better. Actually a lot better—I like gravity, but electricity has kicked up some problems.

I tried breathing again. Nothing.

Why are some of us such idiots? Man, I would be rich if I knew that.

I do know with all our tweeting twatting phoning commenting browsing surfing texting sexting drilling down blogging—this is gradually killing us, not enlightening us.


So now I am one with everything?

Well, everything would include internet—so no.

By the way, do you think it’s true that the internet is God’s brain?

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