Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jobhunters: Could you puke?

A friend of mine has a fabulous health resume—she has worked at most of the heavy hitters in health care—household word places—has had her own business—knows health and insurance marketing, the whole niner.

She was applying for a job at the Cleveland Clinic—and got hit not only with being asked to submit a res and then regurgitate it all back into a form, but to take a timed “pre-assessment test.” “Pre”?

This turned out to be a nightmare of math word-problem-like questions, interspersed with popups of emails she would supposedly be breaking into her work to read—and then popup questions thrown at her about the contents of these emails, all while she was working the other problems, or trying to.

“It was ridiculous!” she moaned to me. “I am organized—I would never throw everything together like this on a job.”

She says she ended up feeling like she was horrible.

And the worst part—She was completely qualified for the job.

Like that matters anymore.

If this was PRE-assessment, which is the real assessment? Sensory deprivation? Calculus? Plasma physics?

Come on, employers--we are freaked out enough. Be real.

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