Friday, September 09, 2011

Medical tweetment

Does your doctor(s) wield the old electrons now? My current primary is some woman from India, the second one from there, I have gone once, name starts with a K, but I don’t remember her using the computer. The attendant who “roomed” me did, maybe.

Is medicine getting even more impersonal? Ya think?

The NYT Well Blog took this up—people didn’t like doctors entering info into the computer without ever looking at them, much less touching their bodies.

This can happen in the hospital—so-called hospitalists may never talk to you at your sickest and scaredest—just check your “numbers” in the hall at the nurse’s station. Often the info is entered in the hall—the computer cart is too big for bedside.

I had an eye surgeon once who would not type or could not—probably would not. He used voice recognition and kept crossly trying to make the computer type his words…He never talked to me about my ruined eye—sent a letter instead to the referring doctor (who did not know me)…”I had the pleasure to see Miss Lawrence and…” When the computer could not spell a term, he would say, TRY AGAIN..[pause]…TRY AGAIN! Eventually, I guess, the little scamp spelled the word.

What a farce. My eye ended up blind. Not that the two things are connected, but I sure wanted to sue as much for this as anything else.

Yes, electronic records can be helpful if you show up at the hospital and can’t remember why you came last time or was it the time before. They can help with bad handwriting and probably keep some medicine from killing you.

But even in the hospital—they ask you stuff…Do you still live at… Are you still self-employed… Did you have a flu shot?

You tell me if your computer is so smart!

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