Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plantar's fasciitis--ouch!

I had this once… the fascia, or thin tissue that fastens the heel bone to the metatarsals in the ball of the foot, gets inflamed. Sometimes there is a sharp bone fragment called a spur.

You first feel it when you get up, then it lessens, then if you walk or run, it starts up again during the day. Usually this is caused by walking on cement.

You need to support the hurting fascia with some heel supports from a doctor or drugstore.

Ice the area by rolling the arch over a bottle of frozen water.

Learn a good Achilles tendon stretch that will not stress this sore tissue.

Maybe you can wear a splint or boot at night—ask your doctor.

I wrote about this some years ago on this site…

I don’t have a picture of the exercise…but some people seem to have figured it out.

Check out this video:

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