Monday, September 12, 2011

Someone sick? Become a "Friend of..."

Dear Abby ran a letter the other day from someone whose friend had had a stroke. His wife was caring for him, and working, cooking, everything. The wife said friends often asked if they could help. Then did nothing.

So they formed a “Friends of Jim” group. Everyone committed to 2 hrs a month. The time slots are set and recorded.

Could you do something like this in your life?

I remember a contemporary of mine who was sick 20 yrs ago—pancreatic cancer. Her girl friends spent time with her like this—did her laundry, light housekeeping, chitchat, took her to doctors.

Some people don’t have children who can or would do this.

And—if you want to look at it like this—in some cases, the commitment will be limited because the person’s lifespan may be limited.

Sad, but true—but a big help while it lasts.

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