Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thinking inside the ring

My sister and I go out to lunch with Mom every Saturday and right outside in the mall is a boxing gym. Boxing is popular—if it ever wasn’t.

Max Jerner, AZ Republic, Sept 11, 2011, says fitness centers and gyms are nicheing out big time.

Instead of big layouts with juice bars and every machine under the sun, centers are opening that concentrate on:

Low cost. Short or no contracts.

Doing the Crossfit system—a strength and conditioning regimen. The spaces are called “boxes.” So this would be “think inside the box.”

Working with a personal trainer, such as FIIT.

Suspension exercises with ropes and pulleys.

Centers for older people or larger people.

People are tired of paying for pools, racquetball courts, daycare, and other frills they don’t use.

I can see that. I sure wouldn’t want to groan and sweat next to some studmuffin.

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