Friday, September 23, 2011

What comes next

A hospitalization, a surgery—what are you looking at when the fun wears off?

Ah, after care. I once wrote part of a book on “care between the venues,” meaning the discharge instructions from ERs, hospitals, or rehab centers either to other facilities or to the patient’s home.

There are many possibilities for errors in this. Often, meds given in the facility are sent with the patient in bottles or prescription form. Should the patient take the meds already at home, prescribed by various doctors, or the new ones? Surely not both…but often this is hazy.

I have a relative facing knee surgery—one website said no driving for 2 weeks—her doctor says 4 weeks.

I was facing horrible eye surgery and was told I had to be facedown for a week or more. I had no idea what this meant. The internet yielded no info—just offers from commercial companies to rent me various weird pieces of furniture to keep my head down.

I was so confused and terrified, I sent my bouncy dog to a friend’s and he ended up dead—the dog and the friendship, both.

My advice when leaving a facility is to ask questions, get clarifications—try to do this before a surgery when you feel clear and able to think…

Try to amass the supplies you need for wound care, if that is an issue. Thrash things out with the insurance company while you are pain free or feeling lucid.

I can at least help on how to do “facedown recovery”—this is used after detached retina and macular hole surgery. I interviewed top docs (not mine) and wrote up their ideas, plus my own—and I put in pictures. I like pictures, don’t you?

You can get it for a nominal fee of $10.

Now I may need to do one on knee surgery.

Order FACEDOWN now…

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