Friday, September 16, 2011

What, us worry?

Ken Alltucker, AZ Republic, Sept 11, 2011, says getting foreclosed can be bad for your health.

One for The Big Book of Duh.

Foreclosures are up—the banks backed off for a while then resumed tossing people out.

A show is starting on Discovery—where people buy foreclosed homes—sorta like Pawn Stars or Storage Wars. That’s a perky idea.

I know someone who was foreclosed who is still getting letters from the homeowners association saying pay this, a lien on that, we hate you, etc—and she is long out of the apt and done with bankruptcy.

Anyhow, economists at Princeton and Georgia State linked foreclosures with hospital admittance increases in AZ, CA, FL and NJ.

High foreclosures—more stress-related illnesses, with the biggest impact in people 20 to 49.

Yeah, not sleeping, all that crying, that can’t breathe all the way in feeling, overeating or no appetite—it can’t be good.

And it’s not like this is ending.

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