Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Yicko germs still reign

Germs, viruses, bacteria…these seem kinda retro, don’t they, in these days of cancer, MRIs, PET scans, etc.?

Someone I know got infected with a weird bacteria from the intestinal tract (not e.Coli) and had to go to the hospital for an IV of antibiotics every day for 10 days. Who knows if it’s really gone or just strengthened for the next person to fight off? They are "checking."

Now is the time to line up for your flu shot, too—I am kind of a believer in the past decade and do get these. This time, though, with my Medicare Advantage Plan, no one can decide whether I am covered for the littler clinic in the grocery store.

The flu shot became crazy hard—websites, calls to my plan, to my so-called primary (some woman who doesn’t speak much English), etc.

Two people here died of West Nile virus—from a passing skeeter.

Yes, germs, still some fun.

I guess drag out the hand sanitizer and try not to think about it.

PS Many of those are ineffective. Bugs 1, Goo 0.

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