Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disabled can get slighted on tests, treatments

David Song, writing in the Harvard Crimson, tells of a paraplegic woman who could not weigh herself to get the proper amount of chemo.

Another woman with cerebral palsy was duct taped to keep her still—they did not have Velcro straps.

OK, you already have a problem—but what if you get another one that requires treatment. Will you get it?

What if you can’t get in a scanner or MRI, or even onto a table?

Women with disabilities may not be urged to get mammograms or Paps.

Perhaps providers feel their lifespan is limited anyway.

This is pretty darn crappy when you stop to think of it!

I once saw a show where a paralyzed woman was pregnant—I wondered how she could push. They actually went to great lengths to help her—and I don’t think they just gave her a C-section.

Maybe because it was on TV?

We have to look out for this kind of thing.

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