Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do not reuse needles--got that?

Every time I read about infections, someone says a hospital or clinic has reused needles. Can we just agree that is really, really dumb and stupid?

Laura Landro, WSJ, Oct 25, 2011, says the Centers for Disease Control is launching a new website for cancer patients and caregivers. Prevent infections! Cancer patients are vulnerable. For one thing, chemo can lower the number of protective white cells.

And, I might add— cancer patients ENOUGH PROBLEMS ALREADY!

But patients also need to do a part to prevent infections. They need to wash their hands regularly.

Get someone else to empty the litter boxes and deal with poop.

Of COURSE—no reuse of needles. But also watch for uncapped needles lying around the treatment center.

Get a flu shot. (Read today it’s 59% effective—but better than nothing.)

Staffers are asked to get flu shots, too.

How about common sense? If your nephew is sick, don’t have him come over. Don’t go out in crowds of coughing people.

In other words, wise up.

Check out the CDC stuff at

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