Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knife in the heart

Peanut butter is going to become scarce and spendy.

Oh, whatever! Why don’t our masters just mark up ramen to $5?

I shouldn’t give them ideas.

Seems…oh woe…there was a failure in last year’s peanut crop—too hot or something.

Peter Pan, Jif, Smuckers—the lot—are raising prices by as much as 40%!

A ton of raw peanuts has gone from $450 to $1,150!

Ninety percent of households eat the stuff—good protein source.

Oh—and this is nifty—chocolate is also on the hit list.

I notice the slant in this story, though—Huffpo—it went from a hot season to “climate change” causing all this sandwich mayhem.

Still—peanut butter…not fair!

What can you do? Stock up! The prices haven’t hit yet.

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