Thursday, October 06, 2011

Not just for cantaloupes

Listeria is out there killing people. No, it’s not some unshaven sociopath—it’s a pathogen. A bacterium.

And it’s not usually on veggies and fruit as in the Colorado cantaloupe outbreak—it’s usually on meat and cheese.

Deli meat is a huge culprit—sitting around with surface area breeding this stuff. The meat in the packages is less prone.

The listeria bacteria get on workers’ hands and onto food. Cold does not kill it. It creeps into slicers behind the counter.

Watch unpasteurized cheeses—can be lurking.

Keep meat and veggies separate.

Listeria is less likely to get ya than e.coli and salmonella—still, another bad actor on the scene.

Listerosis, by the way, can be fatal, as this cantaloupe thing has shown. Most likely to die are infants, old people, and people with bad immune systems.

There is a new food safety law with more inspections of delis, but money is short and it may not be fully funded.

As is happening a lot these days. So we play Sandwich Roulette.

Aw, it's not that bad--just don't go to really creepy looking delis.

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