Friday, October 07, 2011

Rake those leaves--forget the gym

Exercise does not have to be some hothouse deal in the gym amongst the hardbodies.

You can do yardwork, for instance.

Now is the time for it. Those leaves won’t take themselves. And let’s face it, leaf blowers are just plain dumb.

You should be happy to be outside in nature. They say.

Double digging a bed is work! Stretch first, warm up.

Concentrate on deep breathing.

Rake right-handed 15 times—left-handed 15.

Get the kids out there. There is a link between ADHD and too little time outside.

Plants are good for people’s mental health—why else bring flowers to hospitals?

Try to switch up on activities—don’t get blisters.

If you have allergies—take a Bendryl but still get out there.

Try to keep it healthy—see a bug, don’t reach for poison, rinse it off a plant with water.

And by all means—put a bench outside—sit, enjoy your efforts.

My brother used to rake leaves and sit in the pile and read.

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