Friday, October 21, 2011

Secret plan to kill us

I am trying to decide on a new Medicare plan—or maybe I will keep the old one. I am increasingly convinced, however, that this process is a nefarious plan to frustrate seniors and raise their BP to fatal levels.

First, I made the decision to get an HMO—a so-called Advantage plan—when my supplemental went up and up in price. I loved that supplemental—I wanted to marry it. But it was too expensive.

So…I decided to ride the Advantage plans down—the admin has vowed to gut them for being just too darn nice to us.

The Advantage plan I had in 2011 was OK—I could not afford to see a specialist ($35), but that was probably OK since they just make you feel sicker or more fat and decrepit.

But—I had a grievance against the one specialist I did see—and this plan did not give a fig. Hmmm.

Also they chirped around about how they would send a doctor to my HOUSE to assess me—thanks but no thanks.

So…I called my broker. Brokers are good, by the way, they can cut through a lot of BS.

Before he came, I called one of the plans I was considering. They had sent me a “Tool Kit.” This tool kit consisted of an alphabetical list of docs—does not help me in finding another eye doctor. Also the tool is a blank piece of paper you can write your doc’s name on and your meds—then apparently you take this to some meeting in a nearby motel—then what, I have no idea.

There was also a blank page in there for “Doodles,” it said. I like a health plan that focuses on creativity.

In the fullness of time, the broker came over and went compared apples, oranges, kiwis and bananas on several plans—bottom line, I am sticking with the one I have.

Whew. Over with and I lived.

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