Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This is getting old

Man, oh, man—the limping, gimping and nod. Getting “on.” We are, but we don’t want to look it. Or feel it.

Well, good luck.

Everyday my email is bulging (figuratively) with nostrums to make me look younger or correct my impudent joints.

Wendy Schmid, Harper’s Bazaar, quotes a Harvard geneticist as saying aging is treatable. Hmmm. Turns out he is referring to resveratrol—the red wine stuff—and some stuff called TA-65.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that activates enzymes called sirtruins, which tend to slow down in midlife. These dealies promote cell survival and even makes your bod think it’s dieting and exercising when it’s not.

Ooops—statements like that make me hair stand up.

Maybe it does cut inflammation and thus wrinkle production. In mice.

TA-65 is from T.A. Sciences—it comes from the astragalus root, an antioxidant. This may lengthen the time between cell divisions and thus cell death.

But cell life length can also be a factor in cancer cells—so this could turn precancerous into cancerous.

More research needed. Also this stuff costs thousands of dollars a year.

Some docs are popping the resveratrol. Me, I await the next news story of unintended consequences. If I live long enough.

Maybe a glass of wine would be nice.

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