Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Visiting health service? I don't THINK so

Are we too cynical? Can one be TOO cynical? Now, when I get a letter from the bank or my health plan—much less the G—I know it is not to help me and will possibly work against me.

I got a letter from my Medicare so-called “Advantage” plan saying they would call me to make an appointment for a doctor to come to my house to assess my “wellness.” Then that doctor would report back to “my” doctor about my health. Of course, I could have “my” doctor do this if I wanted.

Or I could refuse. I think that’s my choice.

What the heck is this? Send some doctor to my house—report back to the G that I am broke, poor or whatever, and fat, and limping?

Butt the heck out!

I am what doctors call noncompliant—I want a doctor who is up on the research, can point me to studies, does not automatically attribute everything to body size, in fact, who knows how hard to impossible it is to change that permanently—oh, and a doctor who speaks English well enough for me to discuss these things.

In the meantime, renew my BP pills and stay off my lawn.

But that’s me—this may appeal to some of you.

I am turning into a crank. Oh, shut up--I know I already am.

PS Not me in the pix--I never wear scarves on my head.

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