Friday, October 14, 2011

Wait--those pills may have expired

I once got a cough in the night—tried water, tea, and finally a slug of some old goo in the cabinet—which resulted in a banging case of the trots.

Don’t take expired drugs. Misty Vo wrote about this in the AZ Republic, Oct 14,

First—says Ms Vo—they determine expiration in a variety of ways. Some companies study the stability of the drug and its potency over time.

Others use mathematical formulas.

When the drug reaches the date, it does not mean it’s a placebo—it just means it may be losing effectiveness or has lost it.

Other factors besides time can be involved—was it stored in a hot place, etc.

Expire antibiotics can be weak-ish and just taunt the bugs and make them stronger for when they hop into the next person.

Or after taking weak stuff, you may take a full-strength prescription and get a bad reaction.

Liquids can get stronger—some of the filler evaporates and oopsie.

So look at those dates, people!

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