Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Will it hurt?

I got my flu shot—I heard on the news that they were using a smaller needle that barely hurt. It didn’t hurt much or even at all…So get one.

But as for other “procedures,” as doctors like to call disgusting things, some really do hurt. Is it better to know what you’re in for?

Health Dialog has now whipped up something called the HD Care Compass, telling you what to expect from cardiac caths, colonoscopy, gall bladder surgery, knee and hip replacement and other “procedures.”

Go to:

Usually a doctor will tell you about this stuff—or make that, sometimes the doctor will tell you. I have had many instances of not being told.

That is why I wrote my facedown recovery paper——for one.

Sometimes, the doctor does not know—he or she has probably never had what you are getting.

Just sayin’.

For some reason this makes me think of a really stupid test I had once for reflux--they forced radioactive orange juice into my chest with a belt around my ribs--I left the room. Now THAT needed some preparation. And I didn't have reflux!

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