Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Can be many causes of knee pain

Ralph Wilson, an orthopedic surgeon in Gilbert, AZ, wrote in the Chandler Republic, Nov 9, 2011, that even a finding of “bone on bone” meaning cartilage is all worn away in the knee may not be the cause of knee pain. People with bone on bone can have no pain.

Other causes of pain could be psoriasis, sciatica, or an arthritic hip. Gout can also cause it.

A Novocaine shot in the hip can help the knee in some cases.

This may mean back x-rays in addition to knee x-rays, as well as blood tests. Maybe even an MRI. That is the one I never want to get!

So I limp on.

Psoriasis? I have that. Let me check that out.

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