Friday, November 11, 2011

Fat banking

Finally, some good use for fat.

Hope you didn’t just eat, but Wendy Schmid, Harper’s Bazaar, says the new hot happening, darlings, is banking your fat. Or more accurately, freezing it and paying someone to hang onto it.

Not fat—think of it as “cosmetic filler.” You can get someone to spackle into into your wrinks at a distant time.

A place called BioLife Cell Bank in Dallas will do the honors.

While they don’t exactly recommend “banking” the gunk in your 20s just for later use, they do say stem cells are less potent if you suck it later.

No, you don’t get liposuction—it damages the cells.

They use other techniques—a, pardon the expression, soda can’s worth can last a lifetime.

It costs $2500 for “removal.” Then count on $1700 for the first year of storage and $200 a year after.

Then, some doc has to squeeze it back in at some point.

Does it hurt? Only the walletectomy.

Still, I have found that just having a fat face smooths those wrinkles amazingly well.

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