Monday, November 07, 2011

I used to think this was dumb

I used to hear older people say all their friends were dead. I thought, wow, bummer. Now, some of mine are. And others have drifted off.

It didn’t help that I moved away from my home of 35 yrs to help take care of my own aging mother. It’s hard to keep up. Oddly, some friends from college are more in touch than people I knew in Washington more recently.

Of course, they have done studies—if you have friends, you are more connected to life and live longer. Something like that.

Recently, the Arizona Republic did a story on friending people as you grow older. They had some suggestions for getting friends.

First, you can join a career group, such as the local chamber of commerce.

You could volunteer—get out, meet people.

Go to community events.

Take a class. In DC, we had a thing called First Class—short classes in this and that.

You could maybe find friends on a social site. A couple of people called me from Facebook, asked me to lunch, then never really did it.

The best thing of all is to smile when you are out—it’s a friend magnet.

Also—don’t expect to much. Just do it to do it.

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